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Summer Extravaganza Public Entries

Summer Trio~*

Khorina (left) © Sempumaru Mekasha (center) Mia (right) © Mekasha
Artwork above by Arcelle
deviantart profile icon by f-wd

Artwork above by Kalicos @ tumblr

Artwork above by 6ooey

Summer Extravaganza Art Contest

Mon Jun 15, 2015, 3:55 PM

With summer around the corner, Sempumaru (a.k.a. Khorina) and Mekasha want to celebrate by hosting a contest with up to 
$200 in prizes!
So let's all have fun together and get to the good stuff~ :aww: haha

Please re
fer back to this journal to view updates for the following sections:


public art submissions

Post 1 out of 5

To clarify, prizes options are available for Paypal, equivalent value in Deviantart Points :points: and prepaid Karma Koin/Nexon.

  1. Please be respectful overall.
  2. Do not: challenge our contest rules, insult any deviantart member or submissions, negatively comment on the results/choice-of-winners for this contest, etc.
  3. Do not trace, copy or heavily-reference* other art. 
  4. WIP (work-in-progress) art will not be counted towards number of contest submissions.
  5. NSFW entries are allowed, but please either send submission form via note to Mekasha or to our contest-specific email:
  6. Max of 2 submissions per person (no multiple-account submissions).
  7. Characters must wear their respective swimsuits. No switching of swimsuits with other characters.
  8. Submissions must include 2 out of the 3 characters provided (3 characters in a submission is optional).
  9. All entries must be .png file and have a filled-out submission form attached with the entry 
    (submission form can be found below, after the rules sub-section).

For private submissions, please send us an email at: or send them via note to Mekasha

Post 2 out of 5

Three characters, with two outfits each, to choose from.
(click on each outfit below to be directed to the full-resolution image):

Older MiaYounger MiaKhorina in BlueKhorina in PinkMekasha in GreenMekasha in Orange

Hair-style options:

Mia [X] [X] [X] [X] [X]  Khorina [X] [X] Mekasha [X] [X] [X] 

or click here to view whole reference album and click here to view detailed clarifications.

To view album of characters' interactions , pre-contest art, click here.

Mia and Khorina (friends):
  • Do not know each other very well, but enjoy each other’s company.
  • Khorina is perceptive of Mia’s uneasiness with public displays of affection, so she respectfully gives Mia her space.
  • Mia is grateful, due to Khorina's thoughtfulness, thus feels more in her comfort-zone with Khorina.
  • Khorina does not expect Mia to change, as they have been able to connect in spite of Mia's need-for-space.
  • Khorina's accommodating nature makes her easy to get along with, for both Mia and Mekasha alike.

Mia and Mekasha (close friends):
  • They are close despite Mekasha’s constant teasing (fully aware of how Mia dislikes it).
  • Mia understands Mekasha’s mischievousness is not stemmed from ill-will.
  • It’s at times when Mekasha is preoccupied or after Mekasha "gets it out of her system" that Mia can appreciate how genuinely full of joy Mekasha always is.
  • Mekasha adores Mia, even moreso when Mia is uncomfortable ("oh ho ho~" ).
  • Mekasha, however, wants Mia to come out of her shell and enjoy life to its fullest.
  • Mekasha does not go about things in the best way, but genuinely cares for Mia (and Mia knows it).

Khorina and Mekasha (best friends):
  • Khorina enjoys Mekasha’s clinginess. It makes Khorina feel like she is always acknowledged, needed, and that once together they feel in sync.
  • Mekasha admires Khorina, is happy to share many similar interests with Khorina, and feels entirely comfortable around her.
  • They’re both very open with each other, especially after discovering their fondness for the yuri-genre.
  • Whether they’re acting like goofballs together, giggling over flowery romantic ideas, or enjoying good food, they’re inseparable.

** Although not clearly stated, Mia does not think much of yuri herself (she is not a fan, but is not against it either). I suppose if anyone were interested in attempting a yuri-esque piece, it would more likely involve Khorina and Mekasha (but is not limited to them). If anyone has questions regarding this topic, please ask via note or send us an email at:

Post 3 out of 5

Links from General Questions:

A: Submission forms may be noted to Mekasha's deviantart or mailed to the contest-specific email:
A: Yes, more images can be found in this album along with other clarifications. 

Links from Character-specific Questions:

Mia [X] [X] [X] [X] [X] (hairstyle options from post 3).
A: Basic information, such as the question above, is provided directly on the character references.
(Information provided from post 3).

Additional questions and answers may be added to this post during the contest.

Post 4 out of 5

Special thanks to all artists who made this contest possible. Credits for all art can be found in imgur albums.

Thanks for reading and showing interest in our contest.
We hope to share a wonderful summer with everyone~*

Post 5 out of 5

Art Status


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